Majestic - Recreational Clothing

Recreational Clothing

Majestic Gymnastics have a range of leotards and branded t-shirts available for purchase. Please note that leotards cannot be returned once ordered so please check the sizing chart carefully before ordering.

Hoodies and leotards can be ordered through reception. (Please note T-Shirts are stocked at the club).

Branded Hoodie
Majestic gymnastics branded hoodies
Age 3-4 £18
Age 5-6 & 12-13 £20
Adults sizes £20
Branded T-Shirt
Majestic Gymnastics branded T-shirts
Up to 12-13 £10
Adults sizes £15
Club Leotard
Club leotard costs £27 for size 32 and below £30 for size 34 and above.
(Please see the size chart below for sizing information).
Tracksuit Bottoms
Majestic Tracksuit Gymnastics Bottoms - £10
Drawstring Bag
Majestic Gymnastics Drawstring Bag - £11
Sizing Guide
Call Candice Fry: 0795 674 9506
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